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To insure the success of your party, please complete ALL fields below. Your party is NOT confirmed until you receive a Confirmation Email (usually within 36 hours of booking, weekdays, 72 hours weekends). This site is only for bookings of at least SEVEN days prior to party date. If you need to book a party with less notice, please stop by the facility no later than 5pm on the Wednesday prior to party date.

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1.   Which package would you like? (CHOOSE ONE)
        Standard $14.95 p.p.
        Deluxe $17.95 p.p.
        Super $23.95 p.p.
        Super Plus extra food item $2.00 p.p.
         Estimated Number of Children

2.   Which Birthday Cake would you prefer? (CHOOSE ONE)
        Cold Stone 10" Ice Cream Cake  $34.99 (serves 15-20)
        Cold Stone Small Sheet Cake $44.99 (serves 24-30)
        Cold Stone Large Sheet Cake $54.99 (serves 34-40)

3.   Which Platters would you like to order? (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY)

        Nacho Platter with Chili Queso $16.00 each
        Nacho Platter with Spinach, Cheese & Artichoke $16.00 each
        Super Sampler $42.00 each
        Variety Sampler $39.00 each
        Chicken Finger Platter $39.00 each
        Quesadilla Platter $35.00 each
        Wings-n-Rings Platter $49.00 each
        Ham Croquette Platter $29.00 each
        None of the above

 *(Additional Pizzas and Nacho Platters may be ordered early during the party session.)

4.    Enter any additional needs or comments in the space provided below:


A. PARTY NAME will be in the name of the Birthday Child. Please use only this name when referring to this party on Guest lists, Check In and Billing.

B. INVITATIONS are provide by the facility but can not be mailed. Bring a copy of this form to the facility to pick up your complimentary invitations.

C. NO OUTSIDE FOOD PERMITTED (other than the Birthday Cake)

D. GUEST LISTS must be received at the facility via fax, email or call in NO later the Wednesday prior to the party. Please include the first name of every child you invite. You will be e-mailed this important form with your confirmation.

E. ADULTS may attend the party at no charge. If they choose to skate, you have two options: They may pay for their own admission and skate rental ($10.00+$2) or; We will include them on your bill at $7.00 including regular skate rental. ALL skating Adults must wear wrist bands (available from your Host / Hostess).

F. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE SPECIFIC SEATING. Seating is reserved for the party children. Adults may sit at these tables when children are not present.

G. VIDEO TAPING / PHOTOGRAPHY is NOT permitted on or towards the skating surface.

H. PAYMENT OF YOUR BILL will take place in the Pro Shop 15 minutes prior to the end of session. We accept Cash, Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express. We do NOT accept checks for party balances.

I. GRATUITY- A 10% gratuity will be added to your bill. Feel free to adjust accordingly.

J. CONFIRMATION- This party booking is tentative and is only considered confirmed when you receive a return e-mail stating that this form was received, entered and charged to your account. If you have NOT received confirmation within 24 hours, please call (305) 275-7466 extension 201.

    Yes, I Accept the Terms & Conditions

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This party booking is tentative and is only considered CONFIRMED when you receive a return e-mail stating that this form was received, your credit card charged and a invoice number assigned to your account.